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The Unite FRIM Foundation Course

The Unite FRIM Foundation course version 2.0 is the updated entry course for the Unite FRIM Certification Programme. This course provides an overview of Unite FRIM programme and an introduction to its key components. Getting the Unite FRIM Foundation certifcate is a pre-requisite to get enrolled in the Practitioner courses.

Target Audience : Civilian Staff Enroll Now

Modular Command Centre (MCC) Version 2.0

This comprehensive course explores the key role of the Modular Command Centre (MCC) within the UN operations, part of the “M-Products” range. From its historical context to its crucial function in enabling rapid ICT setup for global UN missions, the course provides an in-depth exploration of the MCC’s structure, deployment flexibility, operational procedures, and maintenance protocols. Gain expertise in activating,

Target Audience : Civilian Staff and Uniformed Personnel Enroll Now

Modular Power Pack (MPP) Version 2.0

Modular Power Pack (MPP), encompassing its functionalities, core components, deployment methodologies, and significant role in UN operations. Participants will learn the importance of the MPP, its structural elements, deployment flexibility, and the crucial need for trained personnel. The course covers various aspects including managing MPP requests, maintenance, pre-deployment preparations, transportation in missions, setup

Target Audience : Civilian Staff and Uniformed Personnel Enroll Now

Modular Technology Centre (MTC)

The course focuses on training individuals in deploying, commissioning, and maintaining the Modular Technology Centre (MTC), a specialized 20-feet container designed for housing telecommunication and IT systems. It covers essential aspects including site assessment, transportation methods, environmental conditions, unpacking, commissioning procedures, and maintenance protocols. Learners gain detailed

Target Audience : Civilian Staff and Uniformed Personnel Enroll Now

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Welcome to the UN Technology Training Portal, the one stop shop for uniformed and civilian field personnel for technology learning. Uniformed and non-uniformed personnel can enroll in and take specialized technology trainings tailored to enhance their skills and optimize their use of UN systems, technology assets and procedures.

The portal is an output of OICT’s UN C4ISR Academy in support of UN Peace Operations mandate delivery. It presents digital e-learning solutions to UN Field Mission uniformed and civilian ICT professionals and to technology end-users. We are grateful to the Member States who provided funds to deliver this initiative through A4P and the Partnership for Technology for Peacekeeping.

The portal consolidates learning management for field personnel. It brings together the learning paths for both the Digital Skills Development Programme for ICT Field Professionals and the UN C4ISR Academy focused on uniformed personnel.

The peacekeeping community are the target users of this site. Uniformed colleagues will have the opportunity to better prepare to fulfill their duties prior to deployment, learning skills they need to use UN technology assets and systems in their home countries and further developing these skills once in the mission area.

For more information, on how to enroll please contact (if you are a military or police) or (for civilian staff).