The Technology Training Portal

The Technology Training Portal offers digital e-learning solutions to UN Mission ICT professionals and other end-users, responding to the needs of both civilian staff and uniformed personnel.

The entire community of peacekeeping missions can benefit from the Technology Training Portal. Mission Staff can build and enhance their technology skills “anytime, anywhere” through these e-learning programs, which are organized into a single course or in learning paths and tailored to the specific UN Staff requirements.

The platform will be periodically populated with new relevant content to better respond to the learner’s new expectations and needs.

Civilian Staff and Uniformed Personnel Training

The different courses categories are available in the portal landing page, providing quick access to different learning programs. Each learning program contains all the pre-planned, role-based learning activities in the form of self-paced courses and virtual and/or classroom-based events.

The Portal also lists external courses in an effort to become the "one stop shop" for training. Users will be requested to upload their certificates, after external course completion, to the Portal. This will facilitate future reference and optimize training management. Detailed info will be available at each course.

Uniformed Staff Training is intended for military & police personnel before and after their deployment to UN Missions. These courses will be normally delivered/managed by the UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations and in partnership with Member States.

Civilian Staff Training is managed at the UNGSC level through the UNICC Training Management Team.

Who is the Technology Training Portal For?

For all personnel:

User-friendly and wide range of content. It will be the learner’s main source for:

  • remaining up-to-date on the OSD learning offer
  • building new skills or improving current skills autonomously and at own pace
  • getting ready for the deployment to field missions
  • tracking own courses and certifications data as well as using as repository for all certificates
  • applying to virtual/classroom-based events

For managers:

Through the support of the designated platform administrator, managers will be able to:

  • ensure that personnel take the required courses and/or certifications
  • assign specific courses to specific groups
  • monitor their status and plan accordingly
  • create periodical reports

For the Section/Mission/Division

Through the support of the designated platform administrator, the senior management will be able to:

  • produce meaningful and comprehensive reports to support ROI
  • provide equal learning opportunities to all personnel
  • provide cost effective solutions to upskill the staff