Civilian Staff Learning


The Civilian Staff Learning is offered in different formats:

  • Online self-paced
  • On demand, both virtual instructor-led and onsite
  • Centrally managed, both virtual and at central locations

The offered courses are the result of the ongoing analysis and conversations with strategic experts and subject matter experts across OSD globally and is aligned with the Digital Skills Development Programme. This portal seeks to encompass other training initiatives enforced by the Division (i.e. Power Bi, Unite Academy) and builds on the experience of the ICTD Staff Development Programme, a service that has evolved from a mainly centralized on-site global training programme to a de-centralized portfolio of continuing education and certification programmes for field personnel.

How To Access

All UN personnel can register to any free online course provided through LinkedIn Learning or Microsoft Learn by using the un.org email account. No preliminary approval is required.

Participation to events with a tuition fee or centrally managed requires an official request from the field missions and are subject to an approval process. Payment of the service is the responsibility of the mission and will be processed through a purchase order managed at the UNGSC level. Field personnel interested in such events should liaise with their supervisor.

For more information, contact the ICC Training Management Unit at icctrainingunit@un.org

The eBook version of the Digital Skills Development Programme 20-21 is available in the Resources tab.

Feel free to join the Public Teams Channel OSD DSDP - Digital Skills Development Programme to remain updated on any OSD learning activity.